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PH Castanheira

Paulo Henrique Castanheira Ferreira

It all started in 1975 at age 11 with his father Anthony Paul who at the time worked at the former National Housing Bank and had a MPB trio who played at parties of the bank, he had been a professional musician in Bossa nova playing in the band Doum Romao.

Anthony Paul taught piano and harmony to his son and asked if he would not like to play bass with them and PH stumbled on time.

This was the first “job” as a musician, playing with his father.

Genesis was in the show in May 1977 in Maracanãzinho life of PH changed forever, there he decided he wanted to be a professional musician.

He began studying piano and classical guitar at the Pro-Art and continued to study harmony with his father.

Parallel to this PH was playing Rock with school friends, and Mauricio Barros Guto Goffi that years later formed the Red Baron.

She participated in several festivals in schools in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro, but in 1980 he got his first professional job playing keyboards in the rock band “Blood City” that years later he recorded a compact in Warner and spawned a national success, song “from a more” that today is subject of the film “Tropa de Elite” .

Parallel to this PH was formed with Guto Goffi (Red Baron), Rique Seraphico and Edom Oliveira (Music producer TV Globo) A progressive rock band and Jazz which ended up being invited to work in a Studio in Meier to develop the design of a musical .

There PH learned and developed their sound engineer skills later PH has mixed and recorded several of CDS produced.

In 1982, eighteen, indicated by the drummer of the band “Blood City” PH was playing with “Robby Recife and Emilinha” (Warner Music) who were successful in Brazil with the song “Elephant”, that was the his first national tour as a keyboardist.

After that PH played with various artists of the 80s but it was in 1984 with Leo Jaime it has happened to big upset of his career. PH was hired to play keyboards in LP tour “Fucks C” (CBS / Sony Music) at that time formed a band to accompany Leo, were baptized with the name of “The Best”.

Sony at the time CBS hired to produce the new LP Léo Jaime, producer Mariozinho Rocha, who decided to do a test with the band “The Best” to possibly burn the disc.

The test was a success and so PH who had at the time a society on keyboards with Luri Cunha (now Music producer of TV Globo) recorded in 1985 their first LP the “Afternoon session” (CBS / Sony Music) that broke out in several stops music throughout Brazil.


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Music Producer

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Director Arti septic

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Beto Braga

Carlos Roberto Braga Penha

Carlos Roberto Braga Braga Penha Beto or as it is known artistically began in 1987 in the advertising field. He started as a cameraman and, soon after, as the picture editor.

In 1989, he participated in the construction and deployment of the studio and the editing of ETEC (School of Technical Communication), the first school of advertising in Brazil to have own studio and editing island, available to students. Beto Braga took over the coordination of the study and followed as a guide of practical classes in the studio and school edition Island.

Along with the direction of ETEC advertising school, he collaborated with the creation of the CPR advertising, agency house the school.

Beto Braga

The CPR Propaganda began producing only advertisements for the school itself: newspaper ads and magazine, and TV commercials.
The agency quickly grew and began to meet other clients.

Then the ag is INSTANCE opened its doors to students of the school and a complementary work of education was started. Students studying and working professionally, serving real customers within the same structure. It was a pioneering work, which opened doors to other training institutions in the Interphone area the.

In 1991, he began to carry out works in 2D animation for the advertising market as a freelancer.

In 1992, Beto Braga entered the fitness career is mica as a professor of RTVC (Radio, TV and Cinema).

Having the pleasure of informing and educating hundreds of students in the advertising field. In parallel, following with

the work of cameraman and editor, he continued working in various producers saw deo,

conducting various independent and TV commercials to TV shows.

In 1995, he founded Daimon Graphics Animation PRODUCTION company es LTDA.

Beto Braga glimpsed in developing technological O magician the feasibility of implementing the production of digital animation in Brazil. A is era where virtually unheard of matter, developed one of the first Brazilian companies in 3D computer graphics. The goal was to meet an eager market for creativity and quality in the completion of its products: commercial subscriptions, program openings, institutional campaigns and digital characters.

Parallel to all this, Beto Braga started his career as director of images to broadcasting. The op tion to remain as professional freelancer possible diversification and innovation to its portif O lesson. We had the opportunity to work with a wide number of producers, TV stations, international channels and large events.

In 2000, he started partnership with PH Castanheira, music producer Globo and artistic director in the entertainment area. This partnership blossomed in dozens of projects, shows, DVDs, video clips and even is a feature film project in animaçã it.

Beto Braga attended the live broadcast of many major events: Coke VibeZone, Volvo Ocean Race, Megarampa. In 2010, he participated in the transmission of World Urban Forum 5, organized and convened by UN-Habitat, and conveyed Copacabana, live, the announcement of vit O laugh at Rio de Janeiro as the Olympic City in 2016.

In 2013, we had the pleasure of being responsible for the direction of images and master control of the global transmission of Francisco Pope’s visit in Rio de Janeiro (WYD Rio 2013 – The World Youth Day). This event lasted six days on the beach of Copacabana, broadcast around the world and received about 2 million people.

It was still, for 10 years (at is 2015), to the front of the main tourist event in the country stage: OR is Veillon Copacabana.

Years of Beto Braga operating in these large events, included image towards the performance of many famous artists such as: Alcyone, Annita, Claudia Leitte, David Guetta, Daniel, Diogo Nogueira and Ivete Sangalo.

Today, Beto Braga follows in view of the market in their will areas of atuaçã the for is m, with a greater focus on their authorial projects that are in development. Always looking for new challenges.

Director of images

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Visual effects compositor

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Modeler and 3D animator

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Picture editor

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